Technical Aerosols

SILICONI Commerciale SpA

SILICONI Commerciale SpA have manufactured technical sprays, silicone and silicone-free defoamers and emulsions since 1957. Today the company and its products are present in domestic, European and international markets.

With the team of young, dynamic, proactive and qualified professionals, they quickly respond to their customers' needs.


A production facility of 30,000 square metres, of which 12,000 are under the roof provides:

  • Cutting-edge manufacturing plant to meet the world market demands

  • Well equipped laboratories for the research and development of new products

  • A European and international product distribution system that has served customers for more than 50 years


SILICONI Commerciale SpA guarantees their customers:

  • Top product quality and consistency thanks to the advanced control technology

  • Precision and reliability in all commercial relations

  • Timely completion of work orders

TRIALS, s.r.o. is the authorized importer and distributor of the complete product portfolio for the Republic of Poland.


We offer a wide range of high-quality silicone sprays, lubricants, releasing agents and cleaners, silicone water repellents, adhesives and antirust. All the products meet the highest quality standards and are environmentally safe.


Why are SILICONI Commerciale products better than competition?


  • Innovative and large nozzle

  • Female valve

  • 15 bar resistant


Take a look at the catalog of the most desired products or see the full list in the above sections.


Work With Us!

If you're interested to become an official distributor of SILICONI Commerciale technical aerosols in Poland, do not hesitate to contact us via email or call us at +421 905 255 821.