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Cold zinc spray formulated to galvanize iron parts.

ZINCOSIL 400 - Zinc Spray

  • Cold Zinc spray suitable for retouches on welded or previously galvanized parts (railings, galvanized structures, parts of bodywork, iron parts exposed to atmospheric agents).
    - Elevated covering power, it forms a film of about 30 microns with one spray
    - Good resistance to oxidation (it resists for a lot of time to salty fog test)
    - It forms an elastic film that sticks on any surface protecting it from oxidation
    - It has a clear tonality very similar to heat galvanization
    - It dries quickly (3 minutes in surface) and it does not drip
    - It can be overpainted or left as a final protection
    - High resistance to abrasion

    Personalizable format: spray 400ml/500ml
    Code: 14510
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