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Antirust. Detergent, it eliminates electrical dispersions, water-repellent, protective, degreaser, deoxidizer, antifreezer, penetrant. 

SBLOCSIL - Antirust Multiuse Spray

  • Antirust and multiuse spray formulated for the following applications:

    - To degrease and melt rust and encrustations on nuts, screws bolts, mechanical movements. It has an elevated penetrating power.
    - To deoxidize electric and electronic contacts. It eliminates rustles, encrustations and it restores the contact.
    - To degrease and clean both metal and not metal surfaces.
    - To protect the treated parts from oxidation and moisture. It contains a DEWATERING additive that expels the moisture.
    Product conforming to military specifics. Good cleaner and protective for weapons.

    Personalizable format: spray 200/400 ml
    Code: 11710
    Personalizable format: 5-25-50-200 l tanks
    Code: 11750/50 (SBLOCSIL SFUSO)
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