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Multiuse degreaser spray with 7 functions. Lubricant, protective, detergent, deoxidizer, antifreeze, degreaser, water expeller. 

PK - Multiuse Penetrating Oil Spray

  • Multiuse degreaser and lubricant, 7 functions of high quality formulated with the following characteristics:

    - Degreaser for nuts, screws bolts and mechanisms clogged by rust or encrustations.
    - Lubricant for mechanisms in movement, electronic parts, parts of cars, bikes, sewing machines, working tools and tools for house.
    - Anti-rust protective, it forms a protective film against the corrosion of atmospheric agents, and salt.
    - Deoxidizer for electric and electronic contacts.
    - It eliminates water and moisture from the treated surface.
    - Antifreeze, for cars and for parts of engine.
    - Detergent and degreaser: it eliminates grease, oil, encrustations, glue, sludge.
    Suitable also for sea use, to clean, lubricate and protect boats, fishing equipments, parts of engine in contact with the water of sea.

    Personalizzable format: spray 200/400 ml
    Code: 11710/04 PK
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