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Sliding antistatic silicone emulsion. 

EMULSIL® 35 - Silicone-Based Remover

  • Silicone-based remover in water emulsion:
    - Suitable for remove rubber pieces from the mould (mould of technical articles, etc.) for the extrusion of rubber pipes, It is also a remover for the reconstruction of tires.
    - It prevents the treated rubber from aging, avoiding the formation of crazing.
    - Remover for foundries used “Shell moulding” fusion for cores.
    - Good sliding for electric cables inside the wireways, for Offset paper printing.
    - Polisher for leathers, wood, plastics, rubber.
    - It does not indent rubber, skin, plastics, wood.
    - It is not flammable.

    Format: 25/50/120/200/1000 kg tank
    Code: 20250/50
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