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ENERGY WATER® - Mineral Water Doctor (MVD)


MWD is a solution for water stone that significantly prolongs life of water pipelines and all equipment

using water in your households and technology systems.


Mineral Water Doctor

Why ENERGY WATER®  Mineral Water Doctor?


With a simple installation of  Mineral Water Doctor to water inlet the immediate effect of elimination of dissolved minerals begins.

Our product converts Calcit (CaCO3) to Aragonit (CaCO3) without chemical treatment and thus suppresses formation of water stone in water pipelines and through-flow heaters.

In spite of identical chemical composition they behave in a different way. Calcit forms hard deposits and may be removed with big troubles. Aragonit, being a mineral, that can be washed away easily. Water shows effects of soft water and keeps all mineral compounds that contain essential and trace elements (calcium, magnesium, selenium, copper, zinc etc.) inevitable for human organism, and also does not harm the environment.

Benefity a úspora vďaka Mineral Water Doctor:


  • Preventing scale and corrosion

  • Increasing the lifetime of water-using devices

  • Decreasing the consumption of detergents for washing, cleaning and dishwashers 

  • Saving electricity and gas used for heating water

  • Improving the taste of water

  • Reducing the sedimentation of iron (Fe) and manganese (Mn)

  • Having a positive effect on plants (better water absorption)

  • A single investment for a minimum of 10 years

  • Energy self-sufficient

  • Saves costs for circulation pumps’ size design

  • Eliminates costs for chemical cleaning and descaling

  • Minimizes costs for the exchange of clogged pipes

  • Saves your money and the environment


Significantly prolongs life of pipe-lines and connected appliances:

  • Water pipe lines

  • Basin and bath mixers

  • Dish-washing machines

  • Clothing washing machines

  • Boilers

  • Coffee / tea makers etc.



Possible application :

The equipment is intended for closed and open systems :

  • Water pipe-line systems                                       

  • Central heating systems

  • Watering systems                                   

  • Chilling and air-conditioning systems        

  • Heat exchangers                                

  • Boilers

  • Condensors

  • Swimming pools, saunas

  • Industrial & car washing lines

  • Agriculture sector 

Installation at the entry of the house water supply :​

Installation in the appartment:

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