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Aviation Products


The main focus in the field of aviation industry are supplies of components and materials – sealants and paint schemes from PPG Aerospace Co., Germany speciality chemicals for operating, maintenance and overhauls of both civil and military aviation equipment.

In 2013 we added to our aviation products range of lubricants and technical fluids manufactures acc. to GOST, OST and TU standards for aviation equipment of Soviet/Russian origin, for both airplanes and helicopters in civil and military branch. All products come from original product manufacturer in Russia.



Thermal Spray Abradable Powder for Clearance Control Coatings

The ALBORNIT powder is intended for application in the aviation, power generation and special branches of machinery industry. It represents an abradable coating solution thermally-sprayed onto the surface of stator components of low, intermediate and high pressure compressor and turbine seals and some labyrinth seals, various media path seals, component seals like bearings or shafts etc. Benefit of this coating solution results in reduced fuel consumption, lowered engine exhaust gas temperatures, increased compressor/turbine efficiency, improved power output, prolonged time between overhauls (TBO) and reduced operation costs of engines as well as emissions.

           Alumunium + Boron Nitride

It is recommended for application to temperature up to 450°C.


Grain size range :    -20 + 220 µm.

Main Raw Material:   Aluminium, Boron Nitride
Usage:                     Aviation, Power generation, Machinery industry
Application Method:   Spray
State:                      Powder coating

Main attributes:

  • Efficiency - Increased compressor/turbine efficiency

  • Economy - Prolonged time between overhauls

  • Cost savings - Reduced costs of engines and reduced emissions

  • Frugality - Improved power output

  • Seal - Reduced fuel consumption

Packaging Details:

- Plastic pails 10 kg

- Plastic bottles 1 and 5 kg

- Bigger pack sizes available per agreement


Depending on destination and quantity. Please contact us.

ALBORNIT, Thermal Spray Abradable Powder for Clearance Control Coatings
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